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I’m back

CaveAfter some years of non-activity on my website, I’m back again. In order to learn new functions of Blender and thanks to Andy Price from, here is a simple image I made yesterday night.

More to come I expect !



Chicago, 1930. The crises gets birth to gangs and chaos…

I really enjoy to work on this project with Manuel Greffier (even if we work an entire night without sleeping to finish it !). We needed to use green screen integration and learn keying and tracking tools so we imagine a short story with to characters during the crises of 1929. This project toke a bit more than 3 weeks to be done.

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The Chair and the Table

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I just go on, and on the home page, I look at Blender Nation headlines… and at the top : “mAfia – Gang of Chicago”, published June 9. So my book stats increase to more than 500 viewers today.
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Well, tow month ago, I open and I never have (or take) the time to create the content. So that’s now done with some of my last creations.


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